AKKA #380 Sauna

24 900 

Sauna Akka #380 is an excellent choice  for those who wish to relax , find a peaceful oasis and cherish your genuine sauna. Apart from sauna room and changing room this model  also consists of a porch with benches that allows to cool down with a close contact with nature. The sauna room is comfortable to use by four people.



  • walls made from ThermoWood® of the Scandinavian pine (log thickness: 42 mm),
  • electric or wood-fired heater (Harvia M3)
  • roofing from asphalt shingles in the color of your choice
  • wooden external door
  • tempered glass glazing (thickness: 8 mm), panoramic window or rectangle shape x2 – additional option
  • wooden benches and internal platform
  • corrosion-resistant steel bands
  • ventilation channels to ensure air exchange
  • base made of impregnated wooden logs
Dodatkowe informacje

Dodatkowe informacje

Waga 1100 kg
Wymiary 380 × 220 × 220 cm

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